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Research process

We develop our research in nine phases:

1st phase: Know our clients objectives and acknowledge the job
In this first phase we need to understand our client’s culture, realize the functional relations and responsibilities of the profile we are looking for. This is the moment when we define our searching strategy and our target list. We only start search after our client’s ok.

2nd phase: Research of candidates
Based on our target list we identify potential candidates that fit the profile by searching on our data base, websites and posting ads.

3rd phase: Pre-selection
We do a triage of the CV we have gathered.

4th phase: Assessment Interviews and evaluation of capability
In this phase we do interviews to assess personal and professional capabilities of the candidates that have been pre-selected and fill the profile defined by our client. This his when we do the aptitude and personality tests. 

5th phase: Reference control
At this time we cross-check references of the candidates.

6th phase: Meeting with the client
This is when we present the client with our potential candidates. The client makes a pre-selection of the three candidates he wishes to interview.

7th phase: Interview
In this phase we accompany both client and candidate during the interview and take special attention to the feedback that both parties give us about the interview. The success of the operation at this phase is based on the confidence and closeness between consulter and client and consulter and candidate.

8th phase: Selection of the candidate
Our client chooses the best candidate.

9th phase: Integration
We accompany the chosen candidate during is integration in the company. It is our gold that this process happens in the best way possible and that we’d be able to anticipate any situation that may jeopardize the success of our mission.

The satisfaction of our client will also be our concerned and we will keep him informed, at all times, about the integration of our candidate in his organization.


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